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Long Term Plan – Part Two

Long Term Plan – Part Two published on No Comments on Long Term Plan – Part Two

Part two of three.

UPDATE: Hi guys, I’ve decided not to finish this comic, so I shall not be creating a part three. ¬†This is because of how poorly received this comic has been. ¬†After posting it on Reddit, I received a great deal of backlash concerning me over exaggerating the wickedness of Tories as well as complaints of “now you’re just making stuff up.” Along with the usual insults including those that I can’t draw (yeah, I know) and that my handwriting is terrible (again, I know).

To clarify what this comic was supposed to be, it was meant to be a three parter, after seeing yet more people hurting from sanctions, and Tories saying that we should just stop listening to the Scots and kill off the Barnett formula (the same old rhetoric), I wondered what would happen if they just kept on going trampling people until¬†there was no one left to trample. ¬†I stress that I do realise this is not something that is going happen, it was an absurdism. ¬†Upon having this thought, it then moved on to this scene of May and Johnson looking over the rubble and reminiscing over the good times of trampling people when they still could. ¬†The thought made me chuckle, I thought it’d make a funny comic. ¬†Apparently, I was wrong.

After this was made apparent to me, I’ve chosen not to bother with the final punch line six panels because, honestly, after so much being told off, I just don’t have the motivation or enthusiasm anymore. ¬†Besides, I have a joke in my head involving popcorn and that seems much funnier than what’s going on in Westminster right now.

Photobombed by @LochYesMonster

Photobombed by @LochYesMonster published on 1 Comment on Photobombed by @LochYesMonster

Just got back from a really nice weekend camping at the Loch Ness Shores Camping and Caravaning Club Site. ¬†Really was an excellent camping site, I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of visiting the highlands and needing a base to camp at. ¬†We also had some fun hiring some sit on kayaks there ūüôā

If you’re a follower on Twitter, you may have seen a¬†photo of this one still on paper that I took at the campsite, it’s had a bit of an edit since then as you’ll notice. ¬†See, following me on Twitter/Facebook isn’t just going to mean you don’t miss out, there’s bonus content too! (hint hint;)

Democracy in Britain

Democracy in Britain published on No Comments on Democracy in Britain

Well, we’ve been told “Brexit means Brexit” by the new Prime Minister in London, and we’ve been told there can be “no separate Scottish EU deal” by the new Chancellor in London. Two people Scotland didn’t vote for, insisting on decisions Scotland didn’t vote for. So really, there is only one choice they are forcing us to make, whether we want it or not.

La Saltire Estelada

La Saltire Estelada published on 2 Comments on La Saltire Estelada

blue-esteladaI’ve seen a few variations of the Scottish Saltire in recent years, and I’ve also found many feel it difficult to tell if a person is flying the saltire as a show of pride in their nation, or to demonstrate their desire for independence. ¬†In Catalonia, they have a solution for this, you see in Catalonia, the flag is La Senyera, a gold and red striped flag. ¬†However a variation of that flag has been used throughout the twentieth and twenty-first century named La Senyera Estelada, quite literally translating from Catalan to mean “The Starred Flag” and is often just shorted to “L’Estelada”, or “The Starred”. ¬†It was originally based on the flags used by Puerto Rico and Cuba who gained independence from Spain in 1898 and 1902.

It’s worth noting that Catalonia does not intend to use L’Estelada when they do gain independence but, in fact, use the true flag of Catalonia, the simple Senyera with no triangle and no star. ¬†In this way, the Catalan flag that we all see so often by our kin in struggle for independence really is a protest flag. ¬†I felt¬†that we could use a similar flag, and so I’ve put together the following, “La Saltire Estelada”.

La Saltire Estelada

The Saltire Estelada depicts the Scottish Saltire Flag with a gold star centred within its left triangle.  The colours of the flag are navy-blue (#003399) and gold (#FFCC00) using the official colours of the EU flag and, of course, white (#FFFFFF) for the saltire.  The star represents our wish for independence, its colour our wish to be a member of the European Union.  It also acknowledges our friendship and shared, peaceful struggle with Catalonian independence campaigners.

I am licensing this as Creative Commons Zero (CC0) meaning it is public domain, everyone is free to use this as they wish without attributing me.


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Friends published on No Comments on Friends

I really wasn’t sure whether to include France in this or not, but ultimately decided that they haven’t outright said they won’t accept us, just said they’re not ready to negotiate with us while the situation remains as us being part of the UK. That, and I just kind of hope France will ultimately see us as a friend soon ūüôā

Time to go – Part two

Time to go – Part two published on No Comments on Time to go – Part two

Two unscheduled comics in a week! That’s what happens when your world is ripped out from under you.

UPDATE: I’ve made this one available to buy as a print.

UPDATE: 22/03/17 – Tomorrow’s the one year birthday of Evil Dr. Eye’s first web comic, so I’ve updated this popular comic with some cleaned up lines and added shadows ūüôā