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What a naughty EUnicorn!

What a naughty EUnicorn! published on

So I’m preparing for Kirkcaldy Comic Con next Saturday.  Going through my stock, I’ve made the decision to stop selling the old digitally coloured cartoons.  I’ve built up enough watercolour cartoons to sell only watercolours on my stand from now on.  However, there are a few old digital ones I still want to keep, so I’m redoing them in watercolour.  This is the first of a busy week of releases 🙂

Kelpies – Just one

Kelpies – Just one published on

I find it incredible how Trumpian the lies about that debate have been. I mean, when Stephen Kerr demanded that just one power be named that would be grabbed back by the UK government, a list of several were given to him, and yet we now see tweets saying “they couldn’t name a single one.” I feel like their lies are getting more absurd as we go through all of this!

Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on!

Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on! published on

I wanted to see if I could translate Winnie Ewing’s famous words “Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on” into a language everyone in the world can understand.  The little Scottish Eye’s silent comic series seems to lend itself to this purpose I thought 🙂