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Time to go (watercolour redraw)

Time to go (watercolour redraw) published on No Comments on Time to go (watercolour redraw)

Time to Go was my first proper political webcomic.  I drew it the night of the brexit vote being counted as an illustration of what I feared would happen, though I didn’t actually think it would, I shared it on the Scotland subreddit and headed off to bed.  I woke up in the morning to find that not only had what I depicted come true, but I also had 10,000 hits on the website overnight.

At the time I’d been creating a webcomic called Evil Dr. Eye for about three months.  It featured a main character of a guy with a massive eye for a head, a character I’d actually been drawing in doodles since high school.  I was still learning to draw (still am!) and hadn’t really got any kind of audience yet, but after the success of this political comic I decided to head straight into political cartooning from there on.  This allowed me to continue doodling these things but also to share my wish for Scotland to be an independent country.  Evil Dr. Eye became Evil Dr. Aye.

The original version of this comic featured Evil Dr. Eye playing the part of Scotland.  Remember this was just meant to be a one-off thing, I hadn’t considered that I would actually get into political cartoons at this point.  The result of this was that the number one comment I saw as the comic quickly went viral, and is still being shared nearly three years later, was “what’s with the creepy eye?!”  Well later I switched to watercolours and stopped selling the original digital prints on my stands at comic cons and marches, which meant Time To Go went off sale.  I’ve wanted to redraw it in watercolour for a long while now, so here it is, and in doing so I was able to fix the biggest source of confusion, I’ve ditched the Eye and we now have Scotland being represented by this lassy who I feel portrays the role so much better.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me with the last three years of political cartoons, especially those at the Scotland subreddit, while I’m working on other projects these days, I plan to keep putting out political stuff for the foreseeable future.  Sometimes I worry that I’ll have nothing to draw for Evil Dr. Aye if we do actually get independence though!  We’ll see in time I suppose 🙂

What a naughty EUnicorn!

What a naughty EUnicorn! published on No Comments on What a naughty EUnicorn!

So I’m preparing for Kirkcaldy Comic Con next Saturday.  Going through my stock, I’ve made the decision to stop selling the old digitally coloured cartoons.  I’ve built up enough watercolour cartoons to sell only watercolours on my stand from now on.  However, there are a few old digital ones I still want to keep, so I’m redoing them in watercolour.  This is the first of a busy week of releases 🙂

Kelpies – Just one

Kelpies – Just one published on No Comments on Kelpies – Just one

I find it incredible how Trumpian the lies about that debate have been. I mean, when Stephen Kerr demanded that just one power be named that would be grabbed back by the UK government, a list of several were given to him, and yet we now see tweets saying “they couldn’t name a single one.” I feel like their lies are getting more absurd as we go through all of this!

Naughty Unicorn – Unstoppable Force

Naughty Unicorn – Unstoppable Force published on No Comments on Naughty Unicorn – Unstoppable Force

You know when the Darth Vader pleads with Luke that together they could rule the galaxy, that combined their powers would be unstoppable, that’s all I heard from Theresa May’s speech.