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The Nice Tory!

The Nice Tory! published on No Comments on The Nice Tory!

I have to confess, I’ve been avoiding the rape clause in my cartoons as I’ve not been able to find a way of addressing it in the family-friendly theme I’ve been trying to keep.  But the news that Channel 4 now thinks Ruth Davidson is family-friendly enough to appear on Great British Bake Off has left me mortified.  This is a person who supports the punishment of the poor and most vulnerable in our society, Ruth Davidson is not family-friendly, and so to address this, for a moment, I won’t be either.

What’s wrong little unionist?

What’s wrong little unionist? published on No Comments on What’s wrong little unionist?

This one took a few days to prepare, but if you want to believe I managed to throw it together since the BBC News announcement on the battle bus, I am happy to let you believe that I’m that good! 😉