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Loch Yes Monster

Loch Yes Monster published on No Comments on Loch Yes Monster

I can’t possibly claim credit for this joke.  Back in 2014, in the run up to the ill-fated referendum, a twitter feed appeared with the name @LochYesMonster, which tweeted amusing threats such as “If you vote No, I’ll piddle in the loch!” and later would come to start tweeting more serious messages about basic equalities and treating our vulnerable with dignity, basically everything and independent Scotland hopes for.  Last I checked, @LochYesMonster fell silent last year, which was particularly disapointing as I’d been meaning to make this little tribute for a long time.  The Loch Yes monster will be joining the list of friends in the Naughty Unicorn and friends series, so expect to see Yessy a bit more in future 🙂

Photobombed by @LochYesMonster

Photobombed by @LochYesMonster published on 1 Comment on Photobombed by @LochYesMonster

Just got back from a really nice weekend camping at the Loch Ness Shores Camping and Caravaning Club Site.  Really was an excellent camping site, I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of visiting the highlands and needing a base to camp at.  We also had some fun hiring some sit on kayaks there 🙂

If you’re a follower on Twitter, you may have seen a photo of this one still on paper that I took at the campsite, it’s had a bit of an edit since then as you’ll notice.  See, following me on Twitter/Facebook isn’t just going to mean you don’t miss out, there’s bonus content too! (hint hint;)