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New character and storyline

New character and storyline published on No Comments on New character and storyline

So we were introduced to Lavender in yesterday’s comic, that’s something.  She’ll be joining Evil Dr. Eye as a main character within this comic.  I’m still working toward my goal of 30 comics buffered up, so far I’ve managed to draw a total of about a dozen.  I’m starting to think though that I need to aim higher pretty soon as even I feel like the gap between each Wednesday is just too long.  Ultimately I’d like to go for the standard Monday, Wednesday, Friday release cycle, but of course, the trouble with that is that if I want to triple my release cycle, I should really triple my buffer too.  So I need 90 comics drawn, and I’m only a third over my original target of 30 to begin with.  Eugh.

I have to wonder how folks like Minna Sundberg do it.  For those who don’t know, Minna has been publishing a full graphic novel called Stand Still Stay Silent, which is just incredible, I really do suggest you check it out.  She’s been drawing and penning each page as she goes, and publishing five days a week!  It’s an incredible feat I just can’t imagine doing.  On the contrary, though, I look at Kristen Gudsnuk, who has been publishing Henchgirl, in all its Gudnukian charm, on a weekly basis for quite a while now.  It was actually Hench Girl that encouraged me to realise I could actually try drawing my own webcomic, again, go check it out, it’s a really fun comic to read through.  So maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, maybe weekly is just fine.  Hell, maybe I’ll come up with a million ideas and have a hundred comics lying around ready to publish as fast as I like.  We’ll see.

For the keen eyed of you, you may have noticed a slight link in the latest comic and the April Fools one, and you’d be right to suspect, we have indeed entered into an actual storyline!  It’s a tricky dilemma for me though, as I want each individual comic to be fun and shareable on their own, so I’m having to link comics together in a storyline in a way that people who just see one page don’t actually notice it’s mid-story.  Yeah… we’ll see how long that lasts shall we?