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Perfect weather for comics!

Perfect weather for comics! published on No Comments on Perfect weather for comics!

dryingIronically, since my comic about Scottish Summer, we’ve actually been having some rather splendid sunshine in this past week or so!  It’s been great for comics as I’ve been out in the garden drawing comics then hanging them up on the washing line to dry!  I thought this was a rather amusing sight so thought I’d share it with you.

To be fair, this sort of backfired on me later in the evening when the Haar came up the Forth.  The Haar is a sea mist that sometimes arrives quite rapidly and swallows up cities and all else on the East coast of Scotland, it’s beautiful, but it’s still just water vapour.  The page you see in this picture was rather damp when I brought it in, along with my washing.  All was well though, the comic itself was just as it should have been and the page dried just fine indoors.