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Drawing comics!

Drawing comics! published on No Comments on Drawing comics!

Whelp, I’ve decided to finally take Evil Dr. Eye, a character I’ve been drawing since high school, and turn him into a real webcomic.  It’s only taken me fourteen years to do it.

Evil Dr. Eye appeared as part of my constant bickering with my art teacher at school.  He and I were often faced with the frustration that no matter my attempts, the fact was I could not draw as well as others in class.  An argument with Mr Gould would usually arise after my own frustration at having had to draw a hand, or a thumb, or an eye.  The thing was,  could draw a fine hand and then the thumb would be too elongated, it became a mutant thumb.  Mr Gould would become angered at the sight of my drawing, discovering that in my frustration, I had drawn a cartoon face with a large floppy tongue, truly creating a mutant thumb!

The best part of all of this, Mr Gould could always be appeased so easily, simply by stating “Oh, well actually, I was going for surrealist.”  Every time, he’d tip his head, look at the drawing and suddenly behave as though I was on to something.  My art teacher was an idiot.  I super soaked him on my last day at school… I was a horrid little shit.

Anyway, Evil Dr. Eye was one of those frustation moments.  I could draw an eye.  I can really draw a great eye, full toning, detail within the iris, reflections in just the right places, eyelashes so realistic you wonder if I traced them.  But the rest of the face?  No chance.  Mr Gould once requested that I now draw “the rest of him”, and so a little body wearing a T-shirt and shorts was stuck onto my eye and the caption “Evil Doctor Eye” scrawled underneath.  He was pissed.  Then it was surrealist and he loved it.  Evil Dr. Eye has been my go to point when I’m doodling ever since.

To begin with, I am trying to create a buffer of thirty comics.  I’m going to be publishing once a week, so I figured that this thirty would keep me safe.  I’ve penned out eight so far, I’m not sure at what point I’ll decide it safe to start publishing, maybe at thirty, maybe I’ll get impatient and start sooner.  If there’s an Evil Dr. Eye comic on the front page of this site, you know I’ve begun.