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Did I do good?

Did I do good? published on No Comments on Did I do good?

This morning I will drive to work across the Queensferry Crossing for the first time.  I figured there were going to be enough pictures of the Queensferry Crossing today though, so this one’s a tribute to that old work horse that has served us so well for over half a century, The Forth Road Bridge, finally getting the rest it deserves.  Even if it is only for a couple of days before it has a few extra days work while the opening celebrations take place.

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Forth Road Bridge

Forth Road Bridge published on No Comments on Forth Road Bridge

Seriously, either Google Maps is broken, or people must know something I don’t.  Seriously, the speed limit has already been lowered, you don’t need to lower it any further.  It’s just a straight road, nothing about it becoming a bridge should alter your driving habits, just drive forwards as you would normally… right?