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Naughty Unicorn – Welcoming

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I am having the worst of luck with protests and rallies this year!  I’ll be at Inverness Comic-Con during the Dundee March, I can’t make the Inverkeithing march, I’m working today, I’m driving to and from Carlisle tomorrow and my son’s first birthday party is on Sunday.  So here’s a bonny unicorn kicking the tiny-fisted emperor instead.

Hoping to see stories of a great peaceful protest over the coming days while that evil monster has the red carpet rolled out for him by the British establishment.

Naughty Unicorn – Teams

Naughty Unicorn – Teams published on No Comments on Naughty Unicorn – Teams

People seem to find the idea of the rivalry in football between Scotland and England as some kind of unacceptable offence.  People need to get over themselves, Scots like to support whoever is playing England, it’s fun!  As for me?  Well, I’m an English-Scot, so hoping it’s coming home myself 😉

Yes Bikers

Yes Bikers published on No Comments on Yes Bikers

Just a quick inky doodle tribute to the Yes Bikers.

It would seem I’m in the middle of an extended period of depression, it’s last several months so far.  This is the main reason for the almost complete absence of cartoons recently.  It’s left me feeling very much lacking in creativity.  I’m seeking help with it though so hopefully things will pick up soon.

Prime Minister’s Question

Prime Minister’s Question published on No Comments on Prime Minister’s Question

I do hope someone asks this today.  It’s seems like such a basic thing.  If Rudd resigned because the letter proved that she lied, then why isn’t the receiver (who defended her) also expected to resign?  But then, as the May Bot has proven so apt to do at Prime Minister’s Questions, I’m sure she won’t give us an answer.

Turning in

Turning in published on No Comments on Turning in

Thanks to u/raicopk on Reddit and Catalans for Yes for assistance with translation for this one.

If you follow my cartoons, you’ll notice something different about this one, and it’s not just that for once I drew people’s ears…  Skin tones!  In the past, I have quite deliberately not used skin tones at all.  My reasoning had been that if I didn’t put any skin colour, my characters would be raceless and anyone would be able to associate with them (similarly, my animal characters are genderless, so that girls and boys can call them he/she/whatever, applying their own or other genders however they may like, for instance, I say “the unicorn did…” rather than “he/she did…”).

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that my decision to leave my characters all skin toneless didn’t make them inclusive, but rather created a whitewashing effect.  My characters all looked, let’s face it, white.  By trying to include all races, I unintentionally excluded all but one.

Starting with this cartoon, I am ending my practice of not including skin tones.  All human characters from now on will have skin tones, and I shall try to represent the full spectrum of skin tones our planet has to offer as often as possible.  The exception, of course, will be on cartoons where no colour is used at all.