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Spider (watercolour)
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Spider (watercolour)

Spider (watercolour) published on No Comments on Spider (watercolour)

So I’ve been wanting to remake this old favourite in watercolour for ages.  I first tried drawing the web out in white crayon before adding the wash but it did not come out well at all.  So I’ve instead gone for the three parts separately.

The blue wash was done on its own, then the spider on its own page.  This time I used a drawing pen instead of my usual brush pen, which made the legs a lot easier to draw.

The web is actually the original, which was drawn using black ink from my brush pen on bristol board, after scanning it, it was turned white in Photoshop.  Put all the pieces together and this is the result.  Not bad I think 🙂

This is one of a few I’ve been recreating in watercolours in time for my comic cons this year.  The first of which is in just a couple of weeks in Dunfermline!  You can buy a signed print there or, as always, it’s available to buy on the website 🙂