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Small published on No Comments on Small

A comic about feeling small.

Update 1 – 13/06/16: On reflection, I’m really upset with myself for this comic.  I got the speech bubbles the wrong way round, so they read from right to left, and ended up just hoping no one would notice because they were ordered by height.  Which was stupid, they’re still the wrong way round, I knew it, you know it, I was just too lazy to fix it.  Luckily, this is one of those rare comics that the dialogue doesn’t actually matter for the comic to make its point, so I think I’ll be changing it at some point soon.  Humph, silly me.

Update 2 – 19/08/16: Two months later and I’ve finally got round to redoing this comic.  I’ve edited out the eyelashes (as I don’t draw him with them these days) and I’ve added colour.  But most of all, I just created a font of my handwriting today and I’ve updated this comic to use it, with new text that allows the speech bubbles to go in the correct order.  Much better, and I think this comic has now got the attention it deserved in the first place 🙂