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Office Chairs
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Office Chairs

Office Chairs published on No Comments on Office Chairs

Weeeeeeeeee! A comic about playing on office chairs.

So this week, my Epson printer, which I only bought this year to start drawing comics, ran out of black ink.  It wasn’t printing anything black at the time but, regardless, this caused it to spit out the page I’d been printing and urgently needed that night and refuse to print until I replaced the black cartridge.  Fun fact, it turns out the multipack of cartridges Epson sell, the one I bought ages ago for just this occasion, only include colour inks, not black.  Anyway, it got turned off and we haven’t spoken again until tonight, when I needed to scan the A3 drawing of this comic, nope.  Turns out my printer is now a brick (one large enough to have been in Hadrian’s Wall!).  It turns on and just goes into a restart loop, meaning I can’t scan.

So this comic was photographed using my iPhone.  It’s a bit fuzzy and I certainly don’t have a quality high enough to print, but it will have to do.  Sigh.  I’ll have to look into getting this monster brick replaced, that’s what warranties are for I suppose.