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Naughty Unicorn – Friendship
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Naughty Unicorn – Friendship

Naughty Unicorn – Friendship published on No Comments on Naughty Unicorn – Friendship

So I’ve been feeling a little down lately, hence the lack of cartoons in the past couple of weeks.  Sorry about that.

This one came back as another twitter conversation recently.  It seems to be a major belief of the unionist side that those who support independence are filled with hatred for the English.  If not that, then they feel a need to tell people that indy supporters hate the English.  It simply isn’t true, and I felt this needed to be shown in my cartoons, so here’s the unicorn’s good friend, the national animal of England.  It’s been three centuries since they’ve felt the need to fight, and being independent of each other isn’t going to change that 🙂

In other news, I can announce that I’ve written a basic draft manuscript to a children’s book (for ages 0 to 145) called “What A Naughty Unicorn!”  I don’t know how much of an appetite there will be out there for it, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and it’s nice to now have the basic story written for it.  So that’s nice 🙂