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Friends published on No Comments on Friends

I really wasn’t sure whether to include France in this or not, but ultimately decided that they haven’t outright said they won’t accept us, just said they’re not ready to negotiate with us while the situation remains as us being part of the UK. That, and I just kind of hope France will ultimately see us as a friend soon 🙂

Not the same referendum

Not the same referendum published on No Comments on Not the same referendum

I keep hearing nonsense from some persistent No/Leave voters saying Scotland needs to “respect the result of the 2014 referendum.”  It’s annoying, it’s insulting.  We DO respect the result of the 2014 referendum, we respect that a majority of Scots voted No.  We lost by 55% and we respect that.  But here’s the thing.  The 2014 referendum was for independence from a country that no longer exists.  As of last week, the United Kingdom that 55% of Scots chose to be part of, no longer exists.  This isn’t a do over referendum we’re calling for, it’s a whole new one, one we’ve never voted in before.

UPDATE: 16 March 2017 – I’ve updated this one to use more colour than it did before and have added shadows.  I’ve also added text to the final panel as there seemed to be a lot of confusion as to what this comic was trying to show when I first published it.

Next steps

Next steps published on No Comments on Next steps

Anyone else wondering where the plan was for Brexit?  Seems like after years of campaigning, UKIP or the Leave campaign would have at least had something written down on what comes next.

UPDATE: Yep, it’s been pointed out to me that I’ve managed to put 49% and 52%, which of course doesn’t add up.  Stupid me, I was rounding and I got it wrong, it was 1AM when I was drawing this one XD  I’m correcting it and will have a new version up in a couple of hours hopefully.

UPDATE 2: Done, corrected to say 48%.  Whoops.

Time to go – Part two

Time to go – Part two published on No Comments on Time to go – Part two

Two unscheduled comics in a week! That’s what happens when your world is ripped out from under you.

UPDATE: I’ve made this one available to buy as a print.

UPDATE: 22/03/17 – Tomorrow’s the one year birthday of Evil Dr. Eye’s first web comic, so I’ve updated this popular comic with some cleaned up lines and added shadows 🙂

Time to go

Time to go published on 2 Comments on Time to go

So the polls closed an hour ago here.  I’ve got to admit, I’m a little scared.  The thought of finding out in the morning that Scotland voted to stay, but the rest of the UK voted to leave and they outnumbered us, it made me think of this comic, so I drew it out.  Really, really hoping it doesn’t prove true.

UPDATE: So… wow… it actually happened.  I mean, I thought it would, I’ve been saying so for weeks, it just took a couple of night’s campaigning to know if there was this much sentiment to leave up here, that it was going to be far worse south of the border, but I guess I couldn’t quite believe it until it happened.  I’m incredibly sad right now, for those who tell us this is what the SNP wanted, that’s just not true, it’s not, yes, the SNP wanted an opportunity to sway people towards independence and the chance for another independence referendum, but not like this, no one wanted it like this 🙁

To the thousands of people who have shared this comic so far, thank you! If you’d like to see more comics, please show your support by following me on Facebook and Twitter.

On a further note, for the most part people have been sharing a direct link to this comic’s image, which meant that all context of who made it and this site was removed (leading to questions like “what’s with the eye?!”), so I’ve uploaded a new version with the site url at the bottom.  Unfortunately this will not fix this issue of the old version still being shared (currently sitting at 15,000 Likes/Comments/Shares on Facebook).  Either way, I’ve learned my lesson, stick the credit in the image 🙂

UPDATE 2: This one is now available to buy as a print.

UPDATE 3: 22/03/17 – Tomorrow’s the one year birthday of Evil Dr. Eye’s first web comic, so I’ve updated this popular comic with some cleaned up lines and added shadows 🙂


Small published on No Comments on Small

A comic about feeling small.

Update 1 – 13/06/16: On reflection, I’m really upset with myself for this comic.  I got the speech bubbles the wrong way round, so they read from right to left, and ended up just hoping no one would notice because they were ordered by height.  Which was stupid, they’re still the wrong way round, I knew it, you know it, I was just too lazy to fix it.  Luckily, this is one of those rare comics that the dialogue doesn’t actually matter for the comic to make its point, so I think I’ll be changing it at some point soon.  Humph, silly me.

Update 2 – 19/08/16: Two months later and I’ve finally got round to redoing this comic.  I’ve edited out the eyelashes (as I don’t draw him with them these days) and I’ve added colour.  But most of all, I just created a font of my handwriting today and I’ve updated this comic to use it, with new text that allows the speech bubbles to go in the correct order.  Much better, and I think this comic has now got the attention it deserved in the first place 🙂

Let’s talk about toilet smells

Let’s talk about toilet smells published on No Comments on Let’s talk about toilet smells

You know, with all this noise about bathrooms, I’ve got to agree, there’s some things I just don’t want in my bathroom visits!

Also, ooo, colour!  Yeah, still done in ink on bristol board, but I decided to try colouring it in after scanning it into photoshop.  I may do more coloured in, but not often I imagine.