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Kelpies – Just one

Kelpies – Just one published on No Comments on Kelpies – Just one

I find it incredible how Trumpian the lies about that debate have been. I mean, when Stephen Kerr demanded that just one power be named that would be grabbed back by the UK government, a list of several were given to him, and yet we now see tweets saying “they couldn’t name a single one.” I feel like their lies are getting more absurd as we go through all of this!

Hoolet yoons?

Hoolet yoons? published on No Comments on Hoolet yoons?

As I type this, my bag is packed all except for this little laptop.  I’m about to head out to DeeCon2017 in Dundee!  This cartoon was actually meant as a greetings card that I’ll be selling on the stand today reading “Hoolet me forget your birthday?” But I loved the watercolour so much I had to come up with a new phrase to turn it into a regular cartoon too.  I’ll be selling this one as a signed print on the stand too so if you like it, come and get it 🙂

Everywhere (watercolour)

Everywhere (watercolour) published on No Comments on Everywhere (watercolour)

As I’m going to DeeCon in Dundee tomorrow, I wanted to mark the occasion with a redraw and colour of an old favourite of mine.  I wasn’t sure how it would come out but I’m pleased with it.  Starting to think I’m setting myself up badly for when I do mess one up with myself being so happy with all of them recently XD

Naughty Unicorn – Building

Naughty Unicorn – Building published on No Comments on Naughty Unicorn – Building

The first outing of the unicorn in watercolour.  Turned out alright I think, though I got a bit of a bleed of the yellow when I was doing the crown as I didn’t give the wash around it time enough to dry.  Water colours require a lot more patience that digital, but I’m still prefering the results 🙂

Remember, I’m at Dee Con in Dundee this Saturday, do come along and say hello!


We’re coming to Deecon 2017!

We’re coming to Deecon 2017! published on No Comments on We’re coming to Deecon 2017!

This Saturday I’ll be at DeeCon in Dundee!  You’ll be able to come along and buy signed prints, badges, greetings cards, keyrings, magnets and whatever other nonsense I might think of between now and Saturday 🙂  Do come along and say hello, it’s always a huge boost to meet you all 🙂

Tickets are available on the day or on the DeeCon Facebook Event Page.


Did I do good?

Did I do good? published on No Comments on Did I do good?

This morning I will drive to work across the Queensferry Crossing for the first time.  I figured there were going to be enough pictures of the Queensferry Crossing today though, so this one’s a tribute to that old work horse that has served us so well for over half a century, The Forth Road Bridge, finally getting the rest it deserves.  Even if it is only for a couple of days before it has a few extra days work while the opening celebrations take place.

This one is available as a print on my Common Market Store.

Watercolour Loch Yes Monster

Watercolour Loch Yes Monster published on No Comments on Watercolour Loch Yes Monster

So the other day I had a yearning to visit Hobbycraft and buy some water colours… mainly due to a nice watercolour set being advertised in a Hobbycraft marketing email.  It was a nifty little thing with a brush pen that you just fill up with water and use with the little watercolour pans.  Seeing as I ink my drawings using a Pentel Brush Pen, I figured the transition wouldn’t be so difficult and I’ve been really admiring other artists who use watercolours lately such as Neil Slorance.

I’m really pleased with how this one came out and will be making it available as a print so check the prints page for those on Common Market 🙂