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Prime Minister’s Question

Prime Minister’s Question published on No Comments on Prime Minister’s Question

I do hope someone asks this today.  It’s seems like such a basic thing.  If Rudd resigned because the letter proved that she lied, then why isn’t the receiver (who defended her) also expected to resign?  But then, as the May Bot has proven so apt to do at Prime Minister’s Questions, I’m sure she won’t give us an answer.

Turning in

Turning in published on No Comments on Turning in

Thanks to u/raicopk on Reddit and Catalans for Yes for assistance with translation for this one.

If you follow my cartoons, you’ll notice something different about this one, and it’s not just that for once I drew people’s ears…  Skin tones!  In the past, I have quite deliberately not used skin tones at all.  My reasoning had been that if I didn’t put any skin colour, my characters would be raceless and anyone would be able to associate with them (similarly, my animal characters are genderless, so that girls and boys can call them he/she/whatever, applying their own or other genders however they may like, for instance, I say “the unicorn did…” rather than “he/she did…”).

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that my decision to leave my characters all skin toneless didn’t make them inclusive, but rather created a whitewashing effect.  My characters all looked, let’s face it, white.  By trying to include all races, I unintentionally excluded all but one.

Starting with this cartoon, I am ending my practice of not including skin tones.  All human characters from now on will have skin tones, and I shall try to represent the full spectrum of skin tones our planet has to offer as often as possible.  The exception, of course, will be on cartoons where no colour is used at all.

Loch Yes Monster 3

Loch Yes Monster 3 published on No Comments on Loch Yes Monster 3

It only just occured to me that I hadn’t actually published this one yet, despite the auction for the original watercolour of it being online since the weekend!

Do go check out the auction, it’s in support of Little Shop of Heroes, who have found themselves in a little bit of financial trouble after having to cancel Dunfermline Comic Con due to the bad weather.

So this is the third version of Loch Yes Monster (I think), I just wanted to update it with the new style I’ve been drawing my Nessies in recently 🙂

Naughty Unicorn – LGBT+

Naughty Unicorn – LGBT+ published on No Comments on Naughty Unicorn – LGBT+

So this is another recreation of an old favourite in watercolour.  Last year the Scottish Parliament became the first in Europe to commit to teaching children about LGBT+ issues and teaching them that being LGBT+ really isn’t a that weird.

Today is Purple Friday in Scotland, which is the last Friday of LGBT History month.  A day to make think of all the little gestures we can all make to make LGBT children and adults feel included.

Spider (watercolour)

Spider (watercolour) published on No Comments on Spider (watercolour)

So I’ve been wanting to remake this old favourite in watercolour for ages.  I first tried drawing the web out in white crayon before adding the wash but it did not come out well at all.  So I’ve instead gone for the three parts separately.

The blue wash was done on its own, then the spider on its own page.  This time I used a drawing pen instead of my usual brush pen, which made the legs a lot easier to draw.

The web is actually the original, which was drawn using black ink from my brush pen on bristol board, after scanning it, it was turned white in Photoshop.  Put all the pieces together and this is the result.  Not bad I think 🙂

This is one of a few I’ve been recreating in watercolours in time for my comic cons this year.  The first of which is in just a couple of weeks in Dunfermline!  You can buy a signed print there or, as always, it’s available to buy on the website 🙂