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  • Jock Lodge

    I don’t get it.
    I mean, I understand the the unicorn represents Scotland/Scottish Government, and that the comment text represents UK/Westminster, but I don’t get why the comment text is what it is, particularly as the Scottish Government and Scottish people have shown no interest in higher taxes.
    Have I got this wrong? Can some explain?

    • I guess there’s a few points here, first of all, the caption text does not necessarily represent Westminster or the UK, but indeed anyone who would assign any such thoughts to lefty, Scottish cyber-nat types, or people who they believe should keep their mouth shut. It’s also worth noting that while, yes, I myself am a member of the SNP, the unicorn, and indeed myself, do not always represent official SNP or Scottish Government policy. You’d be hard pressed to find any supporter of any party that supports 100% of their party’s policies 🙂 I don’t pretend to understand the reasons why the Scottish Government has not raised taxes for the rich in Scotland, though if I remember correctly, some analysis showed that at this stage, with the economy in its current state, having different tax rates on each side of the border would cause more harm than good, with the likelihood of many of the richer population simply declaring their taxes in England rather than Scotland, I may be wrong on this. What ever the reason, it would not change the fact that I, like many other left-leaning Scots, do believe that the rich should pay more taxes, sadly, at this stage, it looks as though it may only be an option if the UK as a whole were to make such a move. I also wanted to cover the large proportion of people who utilise tax havens, basically rich people finding methods of cheating the system to actually pay less tax than they should be contributing already. It’s a broad topic and indeed you’re spotting the challenge of this series, to cover so much in such a small, and easily understood cartoon. Indeed, I will likely cover more elements of the same topic in other updates. I hope this helps a little 🙂